1 Not a Copper Penny in Me House

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Not a Copper Penny in Me House

Written by Monica Gunning

Illustrated by France Lessac

Reviewed by Elwin W. (age 8)

Not a Copper Penny in Me House

These poems are about regular life in the islands. The illustrations by France Lessac remind me of William H. Johnson's work. He was a famous painter. In both of their work you can feel what it's like. It's like you're jumping into the picture.

I really like the poem called Jamaica Market Bus. It says that on early Saturday mornings a bus comes to bring people back to their home from the market. There is so much noise on the bus that Rufus the bus driver has to shout, "For God's sake, you noise splitting me head."

The poems remind me of the music my dad likes to listen to because they are about the islands and my dad is from the islands.

People that come from the islands should read this book because it's about the islands. People who don't come from the islands might want to read this. Maybe it could help them understand and learn about what it's like in the islands and what it feels like.