1 Poppleton and Friends

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Poppleton and Friends

Written by Cynthia Rylant

Illustrated by Mark Teague

Reviewed by Christina N. (age 9)

This is a three part story about three days and a pig named Poppleton (a very funny pig).

Day 1: Poppleton wanted to go to the shore but he had nobody to go with him. Then his next door neighbor, the mouse said, ?Would you like to go to the shore with me?? Poppleton the pig said, ?O.K.? They packed them some sandwiches and went on the bus with old ladies. While they were on the bus they learned how to dance and sing some new songs. Then they got there and had some lunch and had a good time.

Day 2: One morning Poppleton put on a sweater and he was itchy so he scratched himself and dry skin was coming off so he called his other neighbor, Cherry sue.. She told him what to put on but that just got him hungry. So the neighbor told him, ?I am coming over to see what is happening to your skin.? But it was not skin it was something for you to find out! Also find out what happens on Day 3.

I recommend this book to six, seven, and eight year olds that like funny books because it will make you laugh. My favorite part is when he thinks that he has dry skin put he really doesn?t have dry skin. This reminds me of when I ask my mother for help when I get a cut or when I get hurt because he ask his neighbor for help. Cherry Sue and Poppleton are my favorites because they both are funny characters because Poppleton thinks he has dry skin but really it?s just __________! Cherry Sue is funny also because she told Poppleton that he was growing a wart on his nose. So that?s why I think she is one of my favorite characters. This book is different than other books because it is about a pig and three days of his funny life.