1 Rebound Caper

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Rebound Caper

Written by Taro Gomi

Reviewed by Koonhoi X. (age 10)

Rebound Caper

Gary tries to become the most famous basketball player. Gary was in the girls team and Gary worked extra hard for the girls. Gary?s father wanted Gary to win for the boys and for that minute the girls side won because they have Gary on their side. At the end Gary won for the girls and the boys team lost. Gary wanted to become best champion player ever. Gary was the best one of all. Gary worked extra hard to win for his teammates I wanted to do the same as Gary. At last he had a gold medal to win for the boys team and the girls team.

I wish I could be like him one day. I like the book because basketball is my favorite sport and I would like to be an expert at basketball and how to win for my teammate.