1 Ark in the Park

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Ark in the Park

Written by Wendy Orr

Illustrated by Kerry Millard

Reviewed by BreannaC. (age 8)

Ark in the Park

In this book, Mr. and Mrs. Noah own a pet store shaped like an ark. Six year old Sophie wants a pet because she is very lonely. Mr. and Mrs. Noah really want a grandchild, but they know that would be impossible because they have no children. Sophie gets a job working at the store on the weekends. Mr. and Mrs. Noah really like her. Sophie really likes them too because they give her special attention. Sophie has twin baby brothers and her parents are often paying attention to them. She is also happy to be working with animals, since she loves them so much.

My favorite part of the story is when she gets to work at the store because that sounds like an interesting job to me. It's also nice that Mr. and Mrs. Noah have a chance to have a "grandchild". Sophie is a thoughtful girl and they enjoy her company. I like this book because I like to read happy stories. The characters in this story make it happy.

I would recommend this book to my big sister Tina because she likes animals a lot. Kids who like animals would like this book too.