1 Ask Mr. Bear

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Ask Mr. Bear

Written by Marjorie Flack

Illustrated by Marjorie Flack

Reviewed by Imani B. (age 6)

Ask Mr. Bear

This book is about some animals and a little boy who says, "Good morning,can you give me something for my mom's birthday?" He wants his mom to have a birthday present. Then the little boy asks another animal for a present for his mother's birthday. He ends up giving his mom a bear hug for her birthday at the end. She is happy.

I like this story because it is about a birthday and I really like birthdays, especially parties. I like the part when all the animals gather together to find what to give the mother.The hug was a good present. I like hugs too.

I recommend this book to kids all around the country and around the world because it's fun to read. People that like animals will like to read this book.