1 Second Grade Friend's Again

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Second Grade Friend's Again

Written by Miriam Cohen

Illustrated by Diane Palmisciano

Reviewed by Kimberly G. (age 9)

"Second Grade Friends Again" is about two good friends- Jacob and Honey. One day Honey gave Jacob a candy. Honey did not want it because she ate a candy in the morning. Jacob did not want it because he was full. Other kids made fun of Honey. She was sad. One day Jacob got really mad at Honey and said something mean to her. All the other kids found out. No one wanted to be Jacob's friend any more, not even Honey. He was very lonely.Then, Jacob got a root beer toy from a machine. It was his favorite. He loved the toy but he knew Honey would really like the toy so he decides to give the toy to her. Then they were friends again.

"Second Grade Friends Again" is one of my favorite stories. It is a good story because it is about friendship. My favorite part is when Honey and Jacob become friends again. The book reminds me about how hard it is to be a good friend sometime especially when other people are making fun of your friend.

I recommend this book to people who want to start reading chapter books because it is not too hard to read. Also, you will like the book because the story is like something that could really happen at school.