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Written by Catherine Anholt

Illustrated by Laurence Anholt

Reviewed by Bryant L. (age 11)


This story is about kids. It's over fifteen kids in the book. The kids play, they help each other, and they dream. The book teaches you to have fun. There weren't any parents in the story. All the main characters were kids.

My favorite part is when one of the kids is taking a bath. It's really my favorite part because the duck is swimming towards him. There's no one character in the book. There are a lot of kids. Another of My favorite parts is when kids dream. They dream of going up a ladder to the moon and they dream of a candy tree. My favorite picture is of the kid twisting a toy bat. I learned there are different kids. I like where kids hide. What I like about this story is that it thinks about kids.

This is a hard book. It was hard for me because it was difficult work to read. Teenagers and adults would like the book. I liked it too and I'm in fifth grade.