1 Moses the Kitten

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Moses the Kitten

Written by James Herriot

Illustrated by Peter Barrett

Reviewed by Moeko N. (age 8) & Paige M. (age 7)

Moses the Kitten

Have you ever saved an animal's life? On his way to a farm, a vetenarian named James Herriot saw something shiny and black. He didn't know what it was so he got out of his car and picked it up. It was a freezing kitten. He picked it up and put it into his coat and drove to the nearest farmyard. The farmer's wife put the little kitten, she named Moses, in the oven to warm up. The next day she couldn't find him. There was no sign of him. They finally found him somewhere in the barn but you'll never guess where he was.

We loved the book because it has beautiful and cute illustrations in it. My (Moeko) favorite part was when the farmers wife put the kitten in the oven to warm him up. My (Paige) favorite part was when Moses was missing and finally was found. It reminded me, Moeko, of my turtle in my garden. It kept on moving and we had to find him. It reminded me, Paige, of my cousin's cats named Boots and Stella. Boots and Stella were small and cute and so was Moses in the story. We were pretty worried in the beginning because Moses was freezing to death. We thought that he was going to die.

We recommend this book to people who like cats and we also recommend this book to people who are vets or want to be vets who love to save the lives of animals.