1 The Stupids Have a Ball

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The Stupids Have a Ball

Written by Harry Allard

Illustrated by James Marshall

Reviewed by Frankie N. (age 8) & Kevin A. (age 8)

The Stupids Have a Ball

Do you think you know crazy comedy? Well, here's a book with a lot of it going on! There is a family called the Stupid's and they live on Mount Stupid. Their kids flunk everything on their report card and their family had a costume party to celebrate. Their cat was so excited! You just have to read the book to find out. The family wears funny things. Their clothing is very funny because they don't wear normal clothes. They wear holiday stuff mixed with other holiday and sports stuff. Their pets are really weird. We think the book is really, really funny!

We like funny things, so we like this book a lot. We liked the characters because they are stupid and don't know what to do. The Stupid's are so silly, you never even met anyone like them! That made us laugh! We like the illustrations because they are funny. There's a lot to look at in the pictures. The baby dangling his toes in the fruit punch is really funny!

Almost everyone would like this book! There's so many funny things to laugh about. We think this book is good for people who like crazy comedy!