1 Miss Rumphius

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Miss Rumphius

Written by Barbara Cooney

Illustrated by Barbara Cooney

Reviewed by Priyanka C. (age 8) & Nicole M. (age 8)

Miss Rumphius

If you like adventures this is a great book for you. The Lupine Lady, Miss Rumphius lives by the sea by lovely lupines in beautiful colors. When Miss Rumphius was little, she wanted to go to far away places. She wanted to live by the sea. But her grandfather said, "You must do one more thing". "You must do something to make the world more beautiful." Some time went by. Miss Rumphius became a librarian. Sometimes she traveled to the conservatory in the middle of the park. Miss Rumphius went to a real tropical island. She lived in a house by the sea. Soon winter came. Miss Rumphius had a very bad cold. She couldn't get out of bed. By the spring time she was better. She did the most beautiful thing to the world. If you want to know what she did to make the world a better place, you'll have to read the book to find out.

Moral: always try to make the world a beautiful place wherever you are.

We think this book is good because it has great characters, especially Miss Rumphius. We liked when Miss. Rumphius went to a tropical island because she got to meet different people. She grew older in all of her adventures. We liked the pictures because they were so life-like, it captured our attention. She made her pictures creative and different on each and every page. It reminds us of going on a vacation. It's like a great big adventure, doing anything I want. This was our first Barbara Cooney book. We would like to read another because her books are full of adventures. I (Nicole) felt so excited when I read this book. I couldn't wait to go onto the next page. I ( Priyanka) like when she is watching the sun come up. I like the pictures of the water and the background.

We recommend this book to people who love going on adventures and love beautiful pictures.