1 The Hole in the Dike

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The Hole in the Dike

Written by Tomie de Paola

Illustrated by Eric Carle

Reviewed by Montana M. (age 7) & Annie C. (age 8)

The Hole in the Dike

Do you think you are brave? Well here is someone who is and his name is Peter. He lived in Holland with his mother and father in their cottage. One day he goes to his friend's house. When it got dark Peter started going home. He took the short cut across the dike. Then he heard a little gurgle. He saw it! There was a hole in the dike. So Peter slid down the dike and put his finger in the hole to stop the water from coming out and flooding the land. He called for help but no one heard him. If you want to find out if he saves the land read the book yourself.

The pictures are very colorful and it looks like it is spring because everything is bright and he lives in a tulip field and the tulips are blooming. The pictures are made from paintings and collages and that is also why they are great. As you know, the pictures are by Eric Carle. So if you like him you may like the pictures in this book. We did!

We liked the book because the boy never gave up even when his finger got numb. We both like the part when the boy puts his finger in the hole. We both think he is brave. It made us think of times when we were brave and alone for the first time. It made me (Montana) think of when I was brave the first time I went to the my Grandma's alone in South Carolina for nine days. It made me (Annie) think of when I did the monkey bars the first time alone.

It makes us think if Peter's mother was worried about him while he was gone. It also made us think if Peter was hungry because he did not eat for a long time. We felt sad for Peter because he had to stay next to the dike in the cold night without eating. There is also a lesson in this book. It is never give up! This book is so special because it is not like any other books we've read.

We think that if you are very brave you would think you were a little like the main character in this book. We recommend this book for all ages because they will understand the story and enjoy the pictures.