1 Comet's Nine Lives

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Comet's Nine Lives

Written by Jan Brett

Illustrated by Jan Brett

Reviewed by Kelsey D. (age 8) & Nicole C. (age 8)

Comet's Nine Lives

Comet like all cats is born with nine lives. He never thought about losing his lives until now. He lost his first life in a flower garden eating fox gloves. "Oh, no!", he said, "I lost a life." The cat feels lonely because he is in a place where there is a lot of dogs. It is like dogsville! Comet feels sad because he can't find a friend and there are no other cats around. Comet wants to find a cat friend. It is really hard because he is losing all of his nine lives. There is a cat on the other side of town and he needs another cat to talk to, also. Will Comet live long enough to find his friend? You will have to read this book to find out.

We liked this book because Comet is curious and we are curioius too! Our favorite character is Comet. Nicole thinks Comet reminds her of her brother because he gets in trouble all the time. Kelsey thinks the cat is weird because he likes the water. Kelsey thinks the picture of Comet ,when he gets ran over by a bike, looks funny. Nicole's favorite part is when Comet falls into strawberry ice cream and the dogs get mad at him.

We recommend this book to crazy cat lovers because this cat, Comet, is very crazy. You would like reading this story. We also recommend this book to first and second graders because it is funny , easy to read and has great pictures.