1 Tigers at Twilight

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Tigers at Twilight

Written by Mary Pope Osborne

Illustrated by Sal Murdocca

Reviewed by Anthony K. (age 8) & Mikhiel D. (age 8)

Tigers at Twilight

Jack and Annie are on a mission to save their dog, Teddy because Teddy is under a spell. To save Teddy they must get a special flower.

One summer day in Frogcreek, Pennsylvania a little boy named Jack and a girl named Annie were walking in the woods. When they saw their dog they chased him to the treehouse. They found a note that said you must give the dog four presents to free him. The treehouse started to spin and everything was still for a minute. When they looked out of the window, Annie gasped and said ?What we?re in the jungle!? When they came down from the treehouse they saw a tiger. Jack and Annie started to run. They ran so fast that the tiger couldn?t keep up. Then they climbed a tree. Find out what happens in the book.

This book made us learn more about the jungle. This book reminds Mikhiel when he went to a forest in India and when Anthony went to a forest in North Korea. We like this book because it has adventures that are exciting. We like the dog, Teddy because he is brave like Anthony?s dog.

This book is one of the Magic Treehouse series numbered from 1-22. We recommend this book to people who like adventure, action and animals.