1 The Name of the Tree

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The Name of the Tree

Written by (retold by) Celia Barker Lottridge

Illustrated by Ian Wallace

Reviewed by Ajay B. (age 8) & Kaitlin C. (age 8)

The Name of the Tree

All the animals were hungry. There was no food. After a long time they finally found a fruit tree and it had all the fruits of the world. But nobody could possibly reach any of the fruit on the fruit tree unless they knew the name of the tree. So they sent the gazelle but he totally forgot the name of the tree. They sent the elephant but he forgot too. Will the animals get the name of the tree? Or will they have to keep traveling for food? Read this fantastic book to find out.

In these pictures the animals and the fruit are so beautiful. If you look closely you will find many of the animals that live in the jungle. You will notice that the pictures in this book are very pale. The tree of wonderful fruit is probably one of the most colorful part of the book. We think Ian Wallace is an absolutely wonderful illustrator.

I, Ajay like the book because it has good pictures. I also like the writing because it has beautiful and unusual names like ?Ungalli? which is the name of the tree in the book. My favorite part of the book is when the animals found the tree. I like this part because they found something to eat.

I, Kaitlin like this book because it has a happy ending. I also like this book because it shows how every animal is special in its own way. This book was given to me by the River Edge Library when I was born, because I was the last girl born in my town in 1993. This story also reminds me of when I was little because I always use to play feed the animals with my dolls.

We recommend this book to children nine and under who like jungle animal books with happy endings. We also recommend this book to children who like Celia Barker Lottridge books.