1 The Kissing Hand

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The Kissing Hand

Written by Audrey Penn

Illustrated by Ruth E. Harper and Nancy M. Leak

Reviewed by Danielle S. (age 8) & Sean D. (age 8)

The Kissing Hand

Chester the raccoon does not want to go to school but his mom tells him a secret. The secret is called the ?kissing hand?. The raccoon?s mom took his hand and kissed it. Chester felt his mother?s kiss rush from his hand up his arm and into his heart. Whenever you feel lonely and need a loving from home, just press your cheek and think ?mommy loves you? the mom told him. On the first school night, Chester remembered his mom?s love. She was right next to him. He asked for her hand. Then he laid his small hand into hers and gave a gentle kiss on her hand.

The illustrations are colorful. The raccoon are drawn well. They have a lot of detail and they look like real raccoon. In this book there are bright illustrations. In most of the illustrations there is a rat on every page.

Danielle?s favorite part is when Chester?s mom shows Chester the secret. Sean?s favorite part is when Chester doesn?t want to go to school because it remind Sean of when he didn?t want to go to school. Sean?s favorite character is Chester because he is drawn very well and he has lots of friends. Danielle?s favorite character is Chester?s mom because she is drawn very well and is very nice because she shows Chester the secret.

This book reminds us of when our moms and dads kiss and hug us. We learned a lesson that you should not be scared to go to school.

We recommend this book to everyone who was scared to go to school at first.