1 Get Out of Bed!

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Get Out of Bed!

Written by Robert Munsch

Illustrated by Alan & Lea Daniel

Reviewed by Dana T. (age 7) & Jamie P. (age 8)

Get Out of Bed!

In the middle of the night Amy watched T.V. The next day everyone was downstairs...except Amy!!! Her brother yelled as loudly as he could: "Aaaaammyyy." Her brother went back downstairs and told his mother and father he could not get her up. Her father said "If you don't get out of bed this instant, I will be very, very mad". Then she snored ZZZZZZ. Her mother said "Amy wake up!!!" Amy never woke up. They put her back in her bed and they brought her in her bed to school and everyone in school tried to wake her up. You need to read the rest to find out whether she wakes up or not. You have to read the rest to find out what happens.

This book will teach you that you should not stay up late because you will not wake up in the morning.

Dana says it reminds her when she didn't wake up in the morning and it is was a school day and she missed school. Jamie says it reminds her of when she was late for kindergarten and she was late for school.

We recommend this book to people that do not like to wake up in the morning.