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Written by Roald Dahl

Reviewed by Rachel B. (age 9) & Katie W. (age 9)


Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night frozen with fear because of a nightmare? If you have, you probably wish that someone would replace those horrifying nightmares for happy, delightful dreams. Well, in this story that can really happen. If you are lucky enough, the giant BFG might just do that for you.

Instead of going around in the middle of the night and gobbling up humans, the BFG goes around and gives out good dreams. One night after the BFG had given out dreams he caught Sophie, a lonely orphan, getting a glimpse of him. Afraid of Sophie telling people about what she saw, he snatched her out of her bedroom window and scurried off to his cave.

Sophie and the BFG work together to get revenge on the giants for being selfish and greedy. Sophie and the BFG go through many exciting adventures in this story. Like when they gave the Flesh Lump Eater (one of the man eating giants) a dreadful nightmare!

We enjoyed this story because it was very suspenseful and exciting. Our favorite part was when Sophie and the BFG got their revenge on the giants and the BFG finally stood up to them. Roald Dahl's descriptive language, for example, "He yelled so loud that the heaven's trembled," made us feel like we were right there in the story. We also liked how he made up words like snozzcumber, which is a huge cucumber shaped object that the BFG eats.

Our favorite character was the BFG because he stood up for himself and helped other people stand up for themselves, too. This book reminds us of The Twits and Fantastic Mr. Fox, which are both written by Roald Dahl, because they have the same lesson - if you're mean to someone they might just get you back. Also, both of the books have someone that the main character has to stand up to.

This story made us remember when we felt prejudice against us because we were different from others. Like when I (Katie) first got my glasses and when I (Rachel) felt prejudice against me because I am Jewish. It made us realize that being different makes people who they are, and we should respect that. That's what we think the other big lesson is.

We think you should join Sophie and the BFG in their exciting adventures because you never know what will happen next. We think that anyone who likes adventures will enjoy this book because a lot of the scenes lead up to an exciting adventure. We also think that if you like other Roald Dahl books you will like this book because they have very similar main ideas and writing styles. We think you can relate this book to your own life if you have ever been treated badly because you were different. We think this book will really inspire people to stand up for themselves like the BFG did. Anyone from grades 3-6 will think this is a good read for them.