1 Something Beautiful

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Something Beautiful

Written by Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Reviewed by Belki R. (age 10)

Something Beautiful

The story is about a girl that when she looks out the window what she sees is trash. On her door there is a sign that says die. She feels sad about the word die. She begins to find something beautiful. The girl and the word beautiful are the main characters. The girl does not have something beautiful.

My favorite part of the story was when the girl found something beautiful. I learned that everybody has something beautiful. I think the pictures look a little real. The special thing about this book is that everybody has something beautiful. The girl found something beautiful and that is helping the city. She helped the city by cleaning and helping a poor lady.

I think everybody would like to read this book because it is exciting. Other kids should read this book because it is interesting. I really enjoyed reading this book.