1 The Littles and their Amazing New Friend

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The Littles and their Amazing New Friend

Written by John Peterson

Illustrated by Roberta Carter Clarke

Reviewed by Subin Y. (age 9) & Eunice K. (age 9)

The Littles and their Amazing New Friend

Have you ever tried to make something and explore the world, but then a mistake happens? Cousin Dinky Little was trying to make a hot air balloon for his family to ride and go on adventures on Thanksgiving. The hot air balloon was made with a huge, red, rubber balloon tied to Henry Biggs' waste basket. The stove pump made the hot air balloon fly. Uncle Nick and Dinky were in the basket. All of a sudden, everything began to fall off that held the hot air balloon down on the Biggs' roof. Uncle Nick asked Tom to jump in because they needed more weight and Cousin Dinky needed to make more adjustments. Cousin Dinky jumped out. The hot air balloon suddenly drifted away with Tom and Uncle Nick in it. "Tom and Uncle Nick held on tightly to the basket to keep from falling out." They were riding on the hot air balloon trying to land and find their way home, but they landed on a haystack. Tom and Uncle Nick did not know where they are at all. How will Uncle Nick and Tom find their way home? Will they find someone to help? You'll never know unless you go on the adventures with them when you read this book!

Eunice thinks the book has great illustration and details. SuBin thinks the great details help her make a picture in her mind as she reads like when the book described how a girl named Glory in the story stopped a horse from running out of control. "Glory pulled on the reins and Gentle came to a stop." Eunice's favorite part is when Uncle Nick was stunned to see Tiny horses for Little people. He never saw a Little horse before. He thought they didn't exist. Tom was also surprised to see horses made for Little people, but he was impressed too. SuBin's favorite part is when the Littles meet Glory, the horse because if they had never met her, they wouldn't have gotten back to the rest of the Littles and would have been lost forever. This story reminds Eunice of when she was riding a horse. She could not control it well so it went out of control just like when Gentle ran out of control in this story. This story made SuBin think of the time when she first went riding on a hot air balloon. She almost fell out because she was leaning on one side just like Tom and Uncle Nick did when they almost fell out of the hot air balloon when it was starting to tip over. SuBIn and Eunice both think that the book is great because it has excellent descriptive language. We liked the book because Tom and Uncle Nick met a new friend and it was a friend just like them....A Little!

We recommend this book because it is interesting and full of adventures where you might wish to go. The kind of reader that would like this book is the type that likes to go places they have never been before. This story might interest readers because they might like adventures in the sky. If so, they'll love The Littles and their Amazing New Friend.