1 Ruby

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Written by Michael Emberley

Illustrated by Michael Emberly

Reviewed by Rom F. (age 7) & Brian K. (age 7)


Did you ever forget your mom's advice? Well Ruby did. Ruby is a mouse that lives in the city. She doesn't pay attention a lot to what her mother says (Well, let's just say she doesn't pay attention at all). Ruby has a grandma who is very sick with a cold. Her mom asks her to bring a a triple cheese pie to her grandma's house. She complains because she doesn't want to go but she has to go. Before Ruby leaves, her mom tells her not to read while walking and not to talk to strangers, especially cats! Does Ruby forget her mom's advice? On her way to grandma's house she runs into a stranger who is a reptile and starts to chat. Does this book remind you of another fairy tale?

This book is similar to Little Red Riding Hood. Our favorite parts are when the reptile blocks Ruby's way and pushes her around and when Ruby dresses up like Little Red Riding Hood. The characters are all animals. The cat is like the wolf and Ruby is like Little Red Riding Hood. This book reminds me (Rom) of someone I know who never pays attention to her mom.

This book reminds me (Brian) of my life because of someone I know who tortures me a lot, and he is only three years old. We also like the way the author tricked us with many surprises.

This book is not exactly like Little Red Riding Hood. This story does not take place in the forest and it is a riot!If you like fairy tales, animals, and surprises then this book is just for you!