1 Did You Ever Hear A Klunk Say Please?

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Did You Ever Hear A Klunk Say Please?

Written by Leonard Kessler

Illustrated by Leonard Kessler

Reviewed by John L. (age 7) & Justin R. (age 7)

Did You Ever Hear A Klunk Say Please?

The Klunks never say, ?Please pass the butter.? They just get the butter by themselves. They never remember their manners because they are impolite. The sister Klunk, the brother Klunk and the baby Klunk won?t share any of their things. The sister Klunk steals some of the other girls' stuff. There?s only one time when they have manners. Read the book to find out when the Klunks have manners.

I like the illustrations because the pictures are funny and interesting. One funny part is when the brother Klunk rides his bike on the Klunk cat?s tail. My favorite character is brother Klunk because he is the rudest character.

We recommend this book to people who like to be silly. This is a really funny book for children of all ages who don?t remember their manners. If you do not remember your manners, you should read this book!