1 The Purple Coat

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The Purple Coat

Written by Amy Hest

Illustrated by Amy Schwartz

Reviewed by Christina L. (age 8) & Margo G. (age 8)

The Purple Coat

This is a story about a girl who wants a purple coat but her Mom will not let her get one. Her mom wants her to get a navy blue coat. One day they went to the city to go to Gabby?s grandpa?s tailor shop.

Gabby and her Grandpa stayed together while her Mom went city shopping. They thought of what they should do about the problem with the coat. They were thinking and thinking and thinking.

You should read this book if you like problems and solutions. We like this book because it was interesting because Gabriel is a different kind of person compared to her Mom and Grandpa. She has a different kind of taste of picking things. If you like things different from your Mom, sister, brother, or Dad you might like this book.