1 Invisible Stanley

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Invisible Stanley

Written by Jeff Brown

Illustrated by Steve Bjorkman

Reviewed by Bryan S. (age 7)

Invisible Stanley

One night Stanley turned invisible. His parents came in his room and didn't know that he was invisible. Then his parents found out that he was invisible. They were using both hands feeling around for Stanley and they were tickling him when they were in his room trying to find him.

His mom blew up a balloon and gave it to Stanley so they could know where he was. They went to the doctor to see if the doctor could make Stanley visible again and the doctor said ?Bring Stanley in!?. The family said, "He IS in here."

At dinner the family was sad because they didn"t see Stanley"s face anymore. His mom made a face on the balloon so that it looked like Stanley.

Stanley helped people and I think he is nice. He helped a boy in a bicycle race by pushing the back of his bike and by making him go faster.

You might like the book if you imagine a lot of things and you might imagine that you can turn invisible.