1 The Butterfly House

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The Butterfly House

Written by Eve Bunting

Illustrated by Greg Shed

Reviewed by Jenica R. (age 9), Leah L. (age 8) & Emma C. (age 7)

The Butterfly House

It's amazing to see a caterpillar turn into a beautiful, colorful butterfly. In this book a little girl saved a caterpillar from a blue jay who wanted it for lunch. The little girl made a house for the caterpillar. She took an empty box and decorated it so it would look like it was outdoors. She fed and took care of it as it went through its stages. The girl and the caterpillar both loved nature. They both would lay in the grass and listen to the birds sing. Once it became a butterfly she let it go. After she let it go she felt sad because it became part of the family.

This book reminds us of ourselves because we see butterflies and Emma once raised a caterpillar. We also like to lay in the grass and listen to the birds sing like the little girl and the caterpillar. The illustrations looked so real that it made us feel like we were there. We liked the words that Eve Bunting used. She used very nice and comfortable words. For example, "I made a curve of rainbow like a hug to keep her safe while she was there." Emma's favorite part was when all of the butterflies came back to the girl because the butterflies knew that the girl took care of one. Jenica's favorite part was when the caterpillar turned into a butterfly because the butterfly looked cute! Leah's favorite part was when the girl saved the caterpillar from the blue jay.

We recommend this book to people who love nature and animals. This book includes directions on how to raise a butterfly. If you want to raise butterflies you might want to read this book.