1 Some Birthday

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Some Birthday

Written by Patricia Polacco

Illustrated by Patricia Polacco

Reviewed by Zac R. (age 7) & A. S. (age 8)

Some Birthday

"Anything special happening today, Daddy?" Patricia asked. "No honey, today's about the same as any other day", said her dad. This story is about a girl named Patricia on her birthday. Patricia's parents are divorced, so in the summertime Patricia and her brother went to their dad and grandma's house. On Patricia's birthday she thought everyone forgot her birthday because no one in the family said anything about it all day. On the night of her birthday the family went to Clay Pit Pond to find a monster. Dogs were fighting over a block of cheese so the dad tried to break up the fight, but he fell in the pond. The kids thought they saw the monster, so they ran home. Did they find the monster or not? The family went home and celebrated Patricia's birthday by eating a cake with a monster on it. It was a birthday that Patricia will always remember. She liked that her family was able to spend time together.

Our favorite part was when Patricia's dad was covered with yucky water. It looked funny. We thought the illustrations were appropriate to go along with the story. The illustrator showed night scenes with dark colors and day scenes with light colors. We felt bad for Patricia because she thought that her dad wasn't going to celebrate her birthday, but he did.

We think that everyone would like this book no matter how old you are because everyone has a birthday. You might like this book if you like spending time with your family.