1 Sloppy Kisses

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Sloppy Kisses

Written by Elizabeth Winthrop

Illustrated by Anne Burgess

Reviewed by Thomas M. (age 6) & Lara G. (age 7)

Sloppy Kisses

One day Emmy Lou's dad dropped off Emmy Lou at school. Her dad gave her a great big sloppy kiss. Rosemary said, "Kissing is just for babies." Emmy Lou was feeling really bad because Rosemary said, "Kissing is just for babies." Emmy Lou was feeling sad. One night Emmy Lou couldn't get to sleep. She turned on one side, then she turned on the other side. Then she went to her parents' room. Emmy Lou said, "Mommy! Daddy!" and Emmy Lou's parents said, "What do you need?" She needed a great big sloppy kiss. Emmy Lou realized that kissing is for everybody. At the end, Emmy Lou gave Rosemary a great big sloppy kiss because she wanted to teach her that kissing is not for babies.

We like this book because it has a funny ending. We like the character, Rosemary, because she made a funny face. Our favorite part is when Emmy Lou turned her head around when she didn't want her dad to kiss her. We like that part because it is funny. This book reminds us of when our parents kiss us. The pictures are small. The artist used colored pencil.

We recommend this book to kids in second and third grade because they can read it by themselves. The author writes lots of details. The story might remind readers of their families.