1 The Broadway Ballplayers --Everyone's Favorite

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The Broadway Ballplayers --Everyone's Favorite

Written by Maureen Holohan

Reviewed by Victor H. (age 9)

The Broadway Ballplayers --Everyone's Favorite

Penny, Angel, Will, Molly and Rosie are all friends. They each have to raise 75 dollars, that's $375 all together. They have to raise the money in less than a week! Penny and her friends went in a jump rope contest. They won the contest, but they only won 50 dollars. They need the money because they all want to go to soccer camp. Penny, her friends, their parents and Penny's grandma made a bake sale to try to raise enough. They made all kinds of food like brownies. Will Penny and her friends raise enough money for each of them to go in? Well, you will just have to read and find out.

When I read this book, my favorite part was when Molly didn't give up trying to jump. Molly's friends wanted to go but Molly asked them just one more try please. Her friend said yes and gave her one more try. At last she did it. She really did it. Then her foot got caught in the rope and she couldn't recover. I liked the book because it showed that Molly didn't give up. She kept on trying and the last time she tried to jump, she did it.

I recommend this book to people that don't give up. Also people that try to raise enough money to camp or other places. I think this book was really good.