1 Airport

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Written by Byron Barton

Reviewed by Christian M. (age 6) & Alek J. (age 6)


This book is about airplanes and airports. It shows you inside the airport and inside the planes. Planes are big. They go to different places. This book tells all about airplanes. The book takes you everywhere inside the airplane and to the control tower. Readers can see inside the cockpit and the control tower. People come to the airport to take airplanes. The control tower tells the pilots when the planes can take off. The planes have wheels. They serve food. You can sleep in an airplane. You can watch TV in an airplane. Planes have engines. They go fast. Airports are big.

We like this book because you get to see what happens when you take a trip on an airplane. We love planes. Our favorite part is when the planes take off. The planes look very big. The illustrations are very colorful. The book made us wonder when we were going to take a trip on an airplane. Once Christian saw a real pilot in the plane when he went on a trip to his grandmother's house in England. Alek saw a real pilot in the plane when he went to Japan.

We recommend this book to kindergartners and first graders because it is not very hard to read. If you don't know how to read a lot of words, an adult can read it to you. We think that children who like airplanes would like this book. We think that families should read this book before they go on an airplane. It tells them what will happen before they go.