1 Silverwing

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Written by Kenneth Oppel

Reviewed by Leila S. (age 9)


Shade is a young Silverwing bat. He is very curious and is always getting into trouble. His colony, the Silverwing, is going on a big trip south to meet their mates. Shade is going to meet his brothers and sisters. On the other hand, Shade's father, Cassiel, told Shade's mother, Ariel, that he was going somewhere but he didn't tell her where and he never returned. Before the trip started, Frieda, the leader of the Silverwing, told Shade the history of the Silverwings and about "the promise." Will Shade find out what happened to his father? What will Shade see and find on the way?

I thought Silverwing was good and interesting because it told about things that are fiction and things that are real. Like it kind of tells a myth about why bats aren't in daylight. But also it tells that bats migrate and other things. One of the characters in the story named Shade reminds me of myself . He tries to compete with others and does stuff he is not allowed to, like I do. In the beginning of Silverwing it made me wonder what was going to happen on Shade's way of the trip. I really thought Shade's father might have still been alive or someone might have none where he went.

I recommend this book to people that like adventure because the whole trip was a big adventure and things are happening one after another. You just won't want to put this book down because you will want to know what little adventures Shade will have next. So check out Silverwing.