1 Runaway Ralph

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Runaway Ralph

Written by Beverly Cleary

Reviewed by Kenny F. (age 10)

Runaway Ralph

Ralph is a mouse who has a motorcycle. Ralph has always dreamed of being free. One night Ralph runs away to a camp. When he gets to the camp he is greeted by a dog. That night Ralph sleeps in a patch of bamboo. The next day he is caught in a net by a boy named Garf. Garf puts Ralph in a cage in the craft shop. A girl named Kirsten lost her watch. A cat named Catso came in and took the watch and takes it to the bamboo. A few days later the camp goes to the creek. Catso comes in and knocked over Ralph's cage. Then Ralph gets out of his cage and decides to go back home. If you want to find out if Ralph gets home safely read Runaway Ralph

I like this book because it was exciting and I like excitement. In this story Ralph reminds me of myself because he wants to runaway and sometimes I want to runaway. Ralph changes because in the beginning he wants to runaway and at the end he wants to go back home.

I recommend this book because it is interesting. I recommend this book to a person who likes talking animals and excitement.