1 50 Below Zero

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50 Below Zero

Written by Robert Munsch

Illustrated by Michael Martchenko

Reviewed by Erica T. (age 7) & Carly K. (age 7)

50 Below Zero

Does someone in your family sleepwalk? The dad in this story sleepwalks. The dad's son keeps on waking up because his father keeps sleepwalking. He sleepwalks to different places and sleeps on different things like the refrigerator and garage.

The pictures are made out of watercolor. They look soft and the illustrations match the words. I (Erica) like the dad because it reminds me of when my dad sleepwalks. I (Carly) like the little boy because I like when he says "This house is going crazzzzzy!!"

When we were reading the book it made us feel sleepy and cold because they said, "It's 50 below zero outside!" We wonder if the next book he writes will continue this book because this book ends up with the little boy sleepwalking.

We recommend this book because it is funny. We like when the dad keeps sleepwalking.