1 Shanna's Princess Show

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Shanna's Princess Show

Written by Jean Marzollo

Illustrated by Shane W. Evans

Reviewed by Franchesca G (age 9)

Shanna's Princess Show

This story is about a little girl called Shanna. She has a brother called Shane.Her brother treats her like a princess. It reminds me of when I was a little girl. I used to think that I was a princess and my parents use to treat me like a princess.

Shanna has five clues for her pretend show. You have to guess the five clues. My favorite part is when Shanna has a tea party . The bird, the tiger and the dinosaur are there with her brother.

I learned a new word in this book. The new word is an interesting word. It's animosity. The word means when somebody dislikes another person. I think kids that like to read about fairy tales would like to read this story.

Kids should read this book because it's a great book. You should read this book because it's funny .But it's only for little kids who are beginning school.