1 Basher Five-Two

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Basher Five-Two

Written by Scott O'Grady

Reviewed by Patrick O. (age 10)

Basher Five-Two

This book is called Basher Five-two. It is about an F-16 fighter pilot named Scott O'Grady. His plane gets shot down and he has to live behind enemy lines for a week. When his wingman does not see a parachute he thinks he could have died in the explosion of the land to air missiles. Captain Scott O'Grady was praying a lot when he was behind enemy lines. If you want to find out what happens next you will have to read the true story of Captain Scott O'Grady.

My favorite part about this book is when Capitan Scott O'Grady gets rescued by the marines. This book was funny and interesting at the middle because he had to eat leaves and ants and has nothing else to eat except when he gets on the helicopter. I though the ant part was nasty. There are no pictures in this book but there are some real photographs of when he was little to when he started to fly F-16.

I recommend this book to boys who want to grow up to fighter pilots. I also recommend this book to people who like the Navy, Army, Planes, and adventure books. This book is also easy to read and you get into the book when you start. I really liked this book so I think you would to.