1 The Mouse and the Motorcycle

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The Mouse and the Motorcycle

Written by Beverly Cleary

Illustrated by Louis Darling

Reviewed by Kaitlyn L. (age 10)

The Mouse and the Motorcycle

This book is about a mouse, named Ralph that gets a motorcycle when a boy is staying at a motel that he lives in. He got the motorcycle when the boy lost it. And he makes it go by making sounds and going "Broom Boom." He really likes it. But when the boy gets sick well you'll just have to find out by reading this book!

I liked this book because it had many surprises and it's funny. I thought this book was different because the mouse could talk. This book reminds me of my brother (Neil) because he has a little bike that makes sounds, and he rides around the room with it. And it makes sounds too.

I recommend this book to kids of all ages because it's different. And in this book you can tell what's going to happen next. So if you like Beverly Cleary and mice that can talk you'll love this book!