1 Long Arm Quarterback

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Long Arm Quarterback

Written by Matt Christopher

Illustrated by Matt Christopher

Reviewed by Daniel K. (age 10)

Long Arm Quarterback

This book is about a boy named Casper who plays football. His dad, Tully, has the idea of six-man football. Casper has a hard time playing because another boy named Jimmy wants to play quarterback besides Casper. Jimmy's dad argues with Casper's father because he wants Jimmy to start. The team is also frustrated because the two dads are fighting. The team struggles with winning games because of Casper throwing balls that no player could possibly reach. However Jimmy is very good at hand offs and short passes but he is not that way on defense. But Casper is excellent at defense sacking and good at intercepting passes. If you want to see what happens to the team you are going to have to read this book.

I recommend this book to kids that like to play football because that is what the whole story is about. My favorite part of the book was when the team scored their first touchdown. I liked this part because of the excitement of the players on the field. I loved Casper and Jimmy because of the amount of work they did of running, blocking, and throwing the ball. This book made me feel that I was actually watching the game.

I think everybody should read this wonderful book because of the excitement and fun. Everybody in the book is kind to one another. Boys, girls, moms, and dads would all enjoy this book. I think you would love the illustrations too because it almost looks realistic! I think the author came up with great ideas for this great book!