1 The Big Tree Gang

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The Big Tree Gang

Written by Jo Ellen Bogart

Illustrated by Dean Griffiths

Reviewed by Ava B. (age 9)

The Big Tree Gang

The Big Tree Gang is about four kids. Their names are Keely, Reg, Burt, and Shawha. Reg and Keely are siblings and Shawha and Burt are siblings. This book has a good friendship lesson. I liked how all four kids worked together. This book made me want to go outside and hang out with my friends a lot more. Keely likes bugs and Reg likes rocks. I like rocks and bugs. I think rocks and bugs are cool.

I really liked this story. My sister Julia is like the character Keely. I am like Shawha. My brother Brandon is like Burt. My other brother Conron is like Reg. I like the illustrator's pictures. I like the pictures because they show nice detail. Keely is a fun character to read about. My favorite character is Keely. She is my favorite character because she is fun, never tells lies, is funny, and is nice to others. That is why she is my favorite character.

I recommend this story to anyone who likes funny and happy stories. The book was so much fun to read. My friend loves this book. I read the book because she wanted me to read this book. I think you should read The Big Tree Gang.