1 Who stole Big Jack's diamond?

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Who stole Big Jack's diamond?

Written by Olivier Dupin

Illustrated by Peter Elliott

Reviewed by Gabriel R. (age 10)

In the book Who Stole Big Jack's Diamond there are many characters. There are two main characters, Big Jack with a bird named Coco on his shoulder, and a detective named Carl Cleverclogs. Big Jack lived on a boat and detective Carl lived on an island. Jack needed Carl to help him solve the mystery of who stole his diamond. One day Jack noticed his box where he kept his diamond was open and it was empty. There was a trap door where the diamond was kept and the doctor fell into the trap door. There were two swords below the diamond box and there was a piece of a kids ripped shirt on one. There was only one kid on the boat. The door was always locked where the diamond was kept. The only other person to have a key besides Jack was the engineer.

In my opinion I really enjoyed this mystery book. It had me trying to figure out who stole the diamond. The book reminded me of a game I play. I found the engineer very interesting because he would get up in the night to let Coco out. When I sleep, I don't hear things, and he would hear Coco and let him out. This book made me keep questioning who did steal the diamond. I was very excited to keep reading to find the answer to the mystery.

I would strongly recommend this book to anyone that likes mysteries and perhaps wants to be a detective. Once you pick this book up and start reading it, you will have trouble putting it down. I couldn't wait to turn each page to learn more about this mystery.