1 Who stole Big Jack's diamond?

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Who stole Big Jack's diamond?

Written by . .

Illustrated by Peter Elliott

Reviewed by student in Mrs. Constantinides' 4th Grade Class

Who stole Big Jack's diamond?

This book takes place on a Pirate ship at a dock. This book is about a Pirate named Big Jack. His treasure went missing overnight. This is a very funny book. It is funny because of its pictures. The pictures in the book are funny because of how they make the characters look. Also the book is very interesting. It's interesting because they didn't know who stole the diamond from Big Jack.

In my opinion the best part of the book is the end. I think this because there was a twist in the end of the book that was interesting. I really liked this book because of how they made the story interesting. This book reminds me of a different book that I have read. I think this because they are both Pirate books and are both very similar endings. The detective reminded me of my family's friend because he is a detective too. My favorite character is the detective, he is my favorite character because he was very smart.

I recommend this book to readers that like mystery books. I think this because there is a lot of mystery in this book. I think the end of the book will interest the reader. I think this because the end of the book has a surprise.