1 Saucy

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Written by cynthia kadohata

Illustrated by marianna raskin

Reviewed by Sophia V. (age 9)


Do you like pigs? If so, I really recommend this book Saucy. In this book there is a girl who doesn't have many friends and really never has anything to do. One day, Becca goes for a pleasant walk with her siblings, her mom, her dad, and her grandma. Suddenly they find something really odd in the bushes. It was an animal. They went to take the animal they found to the animal hospital and they went fast. While at the animal hospital they find out it was a pig! They named the pig Saucy. The mom agreed to keep to the pig until it was 60 or 100 pounds. Will Becca actually keep this pig after it reaches that weight or will her mom stick to her rule? Will the pig survive with the family? After events at the grocery store and their home will they get to keep Saucy? So again, if you like pigs or want one this book Saucy, will be a perfect book choice for you.

In my opinion, this book was really good. I liked it because Becca is a lot like me. We have a lot in common. Also, I liked this book because it saved a animal and I love saving animals. This book had like 2 or 3 adventures too! My favorite part of this book is when they finally meet Saucy. I liked this part because it basically sets up the entire book. Becca from this book reminds me of myself and my friend Grace. Becca reminds me of Grace because they both love pigs. Grace would do anything to have a pig or care for one. So, in my opinion this is a really good book for you.

I recommend Saucy because this book has a few adventures, lots of animal care (so if you are an animal lover like me you should consider reading Saucy) This book is good for all ages, because, it has present day events that probably all kids/ adults go through. If you are an animal lover or just like pigs this is the book for you. This is why I recommend Saucy.