1 Here's Hank

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Here's Hank

Written by Henry Winkler

Illustrated by Scott Garrett

Reviewed by Daniel K (age 9)

Here's Hank

Have you ever been to the zoo? If so, then you'd be like Hank. He went on a field trip to the zoo. He wanted to see an elephant. His walking buddy was a bully named Nick. Hank is in second grade and is not really smart. He has a good imagination and Hank is funny He is not good in school. There are no big lessons in the book, there is a small lesson and it is to, not wander away in the zoo or any other place. Nick got Hank in big trouble when he left him in the bathroom. Remember, Nick is a bully and always tried to get Hank in trouble. Hank got in a lot of big trouble because of Nick. He screamed, he snuck off, he got lost. Hank went around the zoom and had many experiences. One thing that happened while at the zoom was, Nick snuck away to a golf cart that sold toys and Hank tried to tell Nick to go back to the group. Nick put something gross down Hanks shirt before he went back to the group. Read the book to find out why Hank got in trouble and what his punishment is.

My favorite part was when Hank played soccer with an elephant. This was my favorite part because it is cool to do that. I think this book is a good book and it is interesting. I like it because there is a lot of action. This story reminds me about the time I went to the zoo and saw elephants.

I recommendation this book to people who like funny and action books. I think 2nd and 3rd graders will like this book. This was realistic fiction because people can really get lost in the zoo while on a field trip.