1 Magic Tree House--Tiger at Twilight

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Magic Tree House--Tiger at Twilight

Written by Mary Pope

Illustrated by Sal Murdocca

Reviewed by Gabriella A. (age 9)

Magic Tree House--Tiger at Twilight

This book is great if you like action. Why is there action you may ask? Well, Jack and Annie almost got killed by a tiger, Jack and Annie rode an elephant and they went to India. Jake and Annie had to go to a place that was called Wild Life India and they had to do a lot of dangerous activities. If you want to know more, you have to read this story. The character, Annie, reminds me of my cousin, Tory. Tory is always on the move and always is with her brother. In this book, Annie and Jack are brother and sister and always together. Tory's brother is always saying, "do not do that," just like Jack says to Annie. My Favorite part of the story was when they went to the hermit guy. One thing I thought was cool was when the tiger was chasing to kill them and somehow Annie knew that the monkeys we saying, "follow us." This book is a good adventure and you will love it if you like adventure. I

In my opinion I think this book is amazing and I think you will love it. It has a lot of action and I can connect with the characters because I have a tree house too. This book is part of a series. The series is called, The Magic Tree House. In each book Annie and Jack go on an adventure. Jack is the smart one who bring Annie with him to figure out mission. I have a text to self connection with my cousin. My cousin Tory loves adventure just like Jack and Annie. I really like the books in this series because they are fun to read.

I recommend this book to you because it is perfect for everyone. This book is part of a series. This is why you should read the book Magic Tree House-Tigers at Twilight.