1 Humphrey's Mixed-Up Magic Trick

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Humphrey's Mixed-Up Magic Trick

Written by Betty G. Birney

Illustrated by Priscilla Burris

Reviewed by Chase K. (age 8)

Humphrey's Mixed-Up Magic Trick

Have you seen a hamster do a magic trick? Probably not, but if you read this book you will have experienced it. A.J. is saying that girls can’t be magicians. Then A.J. asked “Is there a famous girl magician? The teacher could not think of a famous girl magician. Then the teacher said “Maybe Miranda will be the first girl magician.”

Humphrey is worried because Miranda is using him for her magic trick. She has a huge dog that Humphrey does not like because the dog does not like him. Want to know how Miranda’s magic trick goes? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

I thought the book was a good book. I liked the storyline because in the end there was a problem. I was shocked when I found out the solution. I liked this book so much that I read many of the books in the Humphrey Tiny Tales series. I would recommend this book to kids who like hamsters and silliness. Go buy this book and you’ll be entertained.