1 Galaxy Zack Hello, Nebulon!

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Galaxy Zack Hello, Nebulon!

Written by Ray ORyan

Illustrated by Colin Jack

Reviewed by Jacob Z. (age 9)

Galaxy Zack Hello, Nebulon!

If you like space then you should read Galaxy Zack written by Ray O’Ryan and Illustrated by Jack Colin . This book is about this little kid named Zack who is moving to a planet called Nebulon. Zack is sad to leave his home on Earth, but there was a big problem. Zack couldn’t bring his dog Luna, so Bert, Zack’s friend, had to take care of Luna. Zack was moving in a spaceship. In the spaceship Zack had a bad dream. In Zack’s dream his classmates were very slimy and had dripping tentacles. When Zack arrived at his house his Dad got greeted by Ira. Ira is an Indoor Robot Assistant. Ira can get you drinks, and turn on the PC in Zack’s room. After Zack and his twins went in the elevator, the elevator took off. The elevator stopped and the door opened. All that Zack and his sisters saw was a room that was all pink with fluffy curtains. Zack’s sisters got out of the elevator Zack stayed in then the elevator door closed. The elevator took off and when Zack got to his room he was super excited! Zack’s room had a huge computer. The next morning after. When Zack got to class everyone was staring at him. The Nebulon boy next to Zack wanted to be friends. When Zack got into the bus he sat alone. The kid that wanted to be friends in the classroom sat next to him. Drake Taylor is his name. Zack agreed to ride bikes with Drake after school. After school Zack ZOOMED out on his little bike then he saw something ZOOM down the road. Read to find out what was zooming down the road.

Zack is a really good character in a fascinating story. I think the Illustrator drew perfect pictures to go with the text. My favorite drawing was the drawing of the PC. I liked the picture because I have a PC and it had a lot of detail. Zack is very nice, caring, active, and happy. For example when Zack met Drake he was very happy to make a friend. I thought Zack’s dream was gross because there were worms on the pizza. I liked this part in the story were Zack picked a green car because I have a green car. I like this story because it was long and it's colorful.

I suggest this book to 2nd to 4th graders because it is not hard to read and pretty funny. If you like space then you should read this book. Some students in these grades might have a problem like Zack having to move and being scared to make friends. Also if you like exciting books then you should read this book.