1 Dog Man Tale of Two Kitties

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Dog Man Tale of Two Kitties

Written by Dav Pilkey

Illustrated by Dav Pilkey

Reviewed by Brooke G. (age 8)

Dog Man Tale of Two Kitties

In this book, Petey escapes from jail by using balloons . When he got to his house, he got a clone machine. It came and he put his DNA into it and made mini Petey. Later Flippy made buildings come alive using living spray and they defeated the buildings using 80 HD. 80-HD is a robot that Petey made. 80-HD sliced the building into pieces. Read to find out what happened!

I like this book because it’s a good book because it is funny and interesting It’s cool and it has a lot of action. Some of the characters are fighting. It really is funny and I love laughing when I read. One funny part is when Dog Man jumps on the Chief. I hope they make a lot more books in this series.

I recommend this book to ages 6 and up because it might be too hard for Kindergartners. Some words might be too inappropriate. I think people who like funny things and action would enjoy this book. I think that you should read the whole book, The Tale of Two Kitties.