1 The Keeping Quilt

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The Keeping Quilt

Written by Patricia Polacco

Illustrated by Patricia Polacco

Reviewed by Amelia D. (age 8)

The Keeping Quilt

The Keeping Quilt is a book about a quilt that is passed down the generations of Patricia Polacco's family. The quilt was used as a blanket, table cloth, and much more. The quilt welcomed almost every person in the family.

I like the book because it was really interesting to read. The Keeping Quilt was a great read aloud when we read it in class. I like the book because it was not too short or to long. The illustrations are really cool. The quilt is always colorful and the rest of the pictures are not.

I recommend this book to parents who like to read to their children. I also think teacher’s will keep their students attention if they read this book to the class. Some kids can can read it on their own, especially kids in grades second to fifth.