1 Ready Player One

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Ready Player One

Written by Ernest Cline

Reviewed by Andrew M. (age 11)

Ready Player One

In the year 2044 the earth is not a good place. The only time that teen Wade Watts feels alive is when he is logged In to the OASIS, a open source virtual utopia. Then when he is watching Family Ties his vidfeed is interrupted by the creator of the OASIS’s death. His death launches a series of cryptic puzzles, and a chance to win the creators fortune: 240 billion dollars, but what came with that was people willing to kill for the clues.

My favorite character is Art3mis because she knows how to set boundaries with love and is very slick, and cunning. This story reminds me of my life because all wade does is play the OASIS and never does anything productive IRL, and in my life all I do is play MineCraft and don’t do my homework. This book is special to me because my aunt who moved away gave it to my grandpa, and then he passed it down to me. This book is unique because, unlike other books it is primarily about video games. Wade Watts changes gradually because his obsession changes from the OASIS to Art3mis throughout the book.

I recommend this to adolescents, age 12-14 because this book has some adult themes in it and some profanity, but other than that it is a very good book. I recommend this to people who play video games because they can relate to the main character. This story will interest readers because it is really about human obsessions and video games but still is a sci-fi thriller that is a really rocking ride