1 Ready Player One

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Ready Player One

Written by Ernest Cline

Reviewed by Henry A. (age 10)

Ready Player One

This book is about a future world that is over populated and people say that the only way to enjoy yourself is the oasis. A computer generated world with no limits. You must be thinking that the person who created this oasis must be a genius and he was. James Holliday created the magnificent oasis. He and his friend coded the entire thing. They were billionaires right up until James died. Everybody was wondering where the money goes. But James was prepared for his death. He sent a message to every oasis console there is old or new. The message started an egg hunt. There were three gates and three keys. You get the key and cross the gate that the key calls for. The IOI is a group of people that are trying to get the money but they play savagely. How will Wade Watts the main character win? You might want to find out!

I loved this book so much because I am a really slow reader and it usually takes me a lot of time to fully read a 400 page book. This book only took about two weeks. It sucks you in to reading it because of the suspense. You can see the movie after you finish. It's weird because you might wonder if this future might actually happen in the future. This book is special because it makes you think, "Should I prepare for disaster?" I like Wade's famous buddy named "AECH" because he's fighting against the IOI too.

I would recommend this book to grade 5 and up. It's got some bad language but it's a amazing book. This should be at the top of your reading list.