1 January Joker

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January Joker

Written by Ron Roy

Reviewed by Angely C. (age 9)

January Joker

Do you like a good mystery? If you do this book is just right for you! This story is about three boys and one girl. They are frightened that their parents and siblings may have been taken away by well… Well if you want to find out … you better go to the library and get to reading!

I think that this book was dazzling! I think that this book was dazzling because I feel like I am in my dream world! This book has 77 pages and 13 chapters. The characters are kind of like me because sometimes I feel and hear fake things. This book is part of a series called “Calendar Mysteries.” It is the new series from A to Z Mysteries. That was the first book that I read from the new series. It was so terrific!

I would recommend this book for grades 2nd -4th grade. I would recommend this book to people who like to get spooked once in awhile. I like the illustrations in the book because the words really match with the pictures.