1 Fox on the Job

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Fox on the Job

Written by James Marshall

Reviewed by Warren K. (age 8)

Fox on the Job

Does someone you know like to impress people? In Fox on the Job, Fox is trying to impress his friends with bike tricks but ends up breaking the bike. Fox asks his mom for money but she says no. Then Fox asks his sister Louise for money but she says no too. So Fox went to get a job. If you want to find out if he gets the money and the job, you will have to read the book!

I like the book because Fox finds jobs but messes them up. My favorite part is when Mr. Jones puts him in the haunted house and he has to go in and he does not think he will get scared but ends up getting scared out of his mind. I also liked when he got a job at the shoe shop and made a tower of shoes. I also liked when he got a job at the pizza shop and he dropped the pizza on a delivery. This book is not like all the other Fox books I have read in the series. I was much more surprised in this book than the other Fox books.

I recommend this book for ages 5-8. A reader who likes funny books should read this book. I recommend this book because the story is really surprising! You will really want to know what happens next after reading one page.