1 Adventures of Don Quixote

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Adventures of Don Quixote

Written by Argentina Palacios

Illustrated by Thea Kliros

Reviewed by Grier B. (age 10)

Adventures of Don Quixote

If you like fun adventure stories, this is the story for you. Don Quixote is an adventurous man who read books on knighthood and wanted to become a knight. In this book he went through fun adventures with his horse Rocinante and his squire Sancho Panza. Those adventures include, the puppet show, the wooden horse, and etc.

I wondered if Don Quixote knew he was very insane? Sancho Panza reminded me of my little cousin riding on his wooden horse. I thought it was funny when Don Quixote and Sancho rode on a wooden horse and thought they were flying through space. It left me on a cliffhanger, it is who will his niece marry?

I recommend this book for young audiences because it is a funny book.